About t2 Design

Design and Construction is what we do with excellence.

t2 Design Build was started by Tuvia Poliskin, Indiana Architect and Alec Sullivan, Systems Analyst, to provide quality construction service/s to our clients through management and delivery. Our experienced approach to the construction of residential Home Improvement Projects is to produce Your Project within your budget as feasible.

With over 30 years’ experience with residential construction, municipal building codes, permit process, building methodologies, materials, construction trades; our team will Build, Design and Manage your project just for you.

Customer First Design

Through problem solving, we put you in the drivers seat.


We create your dreams and ideas.


You'll be happy because we care.


We enjoy what we do. We fit our services to meet your need. We’re your Advocate for a Successful Project

Talented Team

Our talented team's skills encompass collective hands that build, design and manage as a cohesive unit

Ultimate Flexibility

We work with your Schedule.

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